The Season’s First Snow, and a New Shop!

As the first snows drifted down, we found ourselves huddled at the dining room table watching deer in the yard nibble at the apple cores from our pies, and later, bundled to go for a nice, snowy hike around Lake Como this past weekend.  This evening, Halloween, will be our first time handing out candy together, and we carved pumpkins for the first time in years.  It’s been so wonderful to savor these changing seasons in the States, and all of the surrounding festivities feel new and magical again.  In time for the approaching holidays, we changed our shop format to make purchasing a little easier.  We can now be found on Etsy, and hope you’ll stop by to see some of the things we’ve been working on.


We hiked around Lake Como while the water was perfectly still and Tundra Swans giggled among themselves like feral children.

A hornets’ nest sways in the wind with the foliage.

Our Jack-O-Lanterns.

Cornelia takes a nap on our work bench while we build things in the basement.

Kevin is almost done building honeycomb shelves.


Tundra Swans relax under the cloudy skies and yellow leaves.

A fern along the trail.

A cozy, snowy walk on a Sunday morning.

A Bald Eagle looking for lunch from his perch high above Lake Como.

Elizabeth surveys the low, seasonal waters of Lake Como as the season’s first snows blanket the hills on the far bank.


3 thoughts on “The Season’s First Snow, and a New Shop!

  1. I can’t believe how much change there is there in only 1 month! You guys make every season seem intoxicating and delicious. Your pumpkins are marveous!

  2. guys!!! congratulations!! 😀 the shop looks GREAT, and omg look at those sales already! SO PROUD. 🙂

    also, can we talk about those honeycomb shelves?! dang. totally what i want to build…except i have a) no garage b) no tools and c) no wood. (which means i’m all the more motivated to make them at home, somehow!) i hope there will be a tutorial coming later on?

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