What We’ve Been Working On…

Since we’ve stopped moving, we’ve been working on making things. Taking advantage of transition time between jobs, we’re putting to use our free time on hobbies we are both passionate about. We have been taking part in local bazaars and farmers markets, and are now launching our online shop! It’s a small start, and very basic, but we intend for it to grow as we grow. Please bear with us. Check out some samples below, then go see more!

Kevin putting together the Chorreadors.

Elizabeth adding the final touches with the wood burner.

Our take on the Costa Rican chorreador, or coffee maker. (Photo bomb by Cornelia)

Shrink plastic earrings, hand drawn with colored pencil.

Wood burnt tea boxes

Hand drawn earrings


4 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Working On…

  1. aah! so cool! (and omg that photo bomb is AMAZING! <3)

    i love that last pair of earrings, liz…they're gorgeous! the colours are just so perfect for what i'm feeling right now. when is your shop going to be up?! 🙂

  2. I hate using my wood burner! You must have been a born natural!
    Evry time a draw a curve, the pen slides a lone the grain and not where I want it to travel!
    Well done!!!

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