Waiting Out the Fires

Our booth at the local farmer’s market.

After a flutter of visiting friends, we have had the time to really dig into this simple, cozy life in Montana the past few weeks.  Getting to know Corn and all her quirks, enjoying the tomato-tastic bounty flowing from Elizabeth’s Mom’s garden, discovering new birding spots on our bikes in the evenings.  We have been woodworking, jewelry making, and painting, and then bringing our goods to our local farmer’s market to sell.  We’ve gotten to know some faces in our community. This place is starting to feel like home.

A recent development of the Sawtooth Fire less than seven miles away has put a damper on some of this.  We haven’t seen the Bitterroot Mountains in a couple weeks, as the billowing smoke has blanketed them.  Huge chunks of ash have been falling from the sky, and a sooty film coats the window sills.  Waking up with sore throats every morning, we’ve been staying inside much more than usual.  But there is much to do and discover yet, as we wait out these fires.  Our thoughts are with those who have been evacuated.


Two ospreys eye us from their nest along Skalkaho Highway.

We took advantage of a brief lull in the smoke by hiking around nearby Lake Como.

A Bald Eagle perches just above us at the Lee Metcalfe National Wildlife Refuge.

Kevin and Cornelia enjoy the crisp morning that is always less smoky than later in the day.

The fiery sun sets behind the smoke shrouded mountains.


A lovely cat enjoying an afternoon nap on the window sill in our living room.

Turkey vultures roosting in the early morning autumn air.

A rare clear morning allows sunshine to pour in through the pines at Lake Como.

Loving on the forest.

Cornelia lunges into the air, claws splayed, throwing herself into a battle to the death with the despicable tie-dyed ribbon known as “Fleecie.”


One thought on “Waiting Out the Fires

  1. i had no idea there were fires in the area! i hope you guys stay safe…! 🙂

    it’s so nice to see your booth set up + looking awesome – congrats!! i can’t wait to see the online shop, too…mainly because i’ll be able to see things much better than in this photo, but also because i’d like to support your art!

    and finally, your kitten is just the bees knees. i don’t know what to do with myself, she’s so darn cute…and it looks like she doesn’t even know it yet!! 🙂

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