Costa Rica Part 2: Barn Cats and Colorful Gnomes

Hi folks! We have been busy moving, being graced by lots of visitors, and preparing for our upcoming farmer’s market debut, so this week here is another batch of photos from our recent trip to Costa Rica! See you soon!


Kevin’s niece Clara embraces the jungle, mostly.

While milking cows, this barn cat found us (and my heart).

Doña Maria makes us chorreadas using corn grown ten feet away.

The Aranjuez neighborhood of San Jose is full of fascinating graffiti.

I thought I only liked meat pies in New Zealand but this one with its green tomato relish changed my mind.

A woman tends to her herbs in the Central Market.

The Basilica in Cartago, a place that I remembered visiting back in 2006. Returning six years later was such an evocative way to reflect on all that has changed in my life since then.

One of the many sodas we attended during our stay. The casada con carne en salsa was particularly delicious here.

Servers were always very patient (and amused) with my limited Spanish.

Our visit to Volcan Poas didn’t result in any views of the volcano, but rather extremely soggy clothes. Having this guy with me made it very fun anyways.


A barn kitty we found while trying to milk some cows.

Roosters taken out for their daily sun, and an opportunity to scratch at one another.

The spring waters that carved the valley running behind the lodge at Nacientes Palmichal.

Some rain forest where we we spent about two hours traversing about a mile and a half through nearly impenetrable plant life.

Papas Fritas in her hammock at a coffee plantation.

The fruits of his labor, and my reason for getting out of bed on most mornings.

Don Manuel and Doña Maria, owners of the coffee plantation we visited and the ideal grandparents.

The National Museum in San Jose. Bullet holes remain from the civil war of 1948, shortly before the country abandoned its army.

Several brightly colored gnomes lean into the fog and rain to try and inspect the volcanic crater below at Volcan Poas.

A beautiful wall near a hospital in downtown San Jose.


2 thoughts on “Costa Rica Part 2: Barn Cats and Colorful Gnomes

  1. congrats on the successful move…i can’t wait to hear how the farmer’s market goes for you! fingers are crossed… 🙂

    these shots are lovely – and you KNOW my heart is fully taken by that adorable little kitten you found! please tell me you brought her back with you…if only so that you can send her to me?! ❤

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