A Minnesotan Adventure: Cheese Curds and One Great Big Lake

It was a long drive from Western Montana to Lake Superior, but it was worth it.  I had seen a Great Lake before, but this one was something else.  Shimmering navy blue winks in the sun; sparkling diamonds and silvers ripple in the wind.  The road winds north, hugging the curves of the water’s edge, and then we hopped on a gondola, our view reaching crescendo at the top of Moose Mountain.  The evening consisted of a beautiful wedding ceremony – a heartwarming union of two fantastic people, and then a ride back down the gondola, this time with a nearly full moon twinkling over the water.

We sampled some fantastic beer brewed with Superior’s waters, ate a smorgasbord breakfast in an old fashioned German inn (complete with a toy train whistling around the ceiling and a giant cuckoo clock), and then hopped on down to Minneapolis.  There we visited my good friend Carrie and her delightful parents.  The trip was accented by a tour of Midwestern cuisine – deep fried cheese curds, bacon mac & cheese, and pickle rolls AKA Minnesotan sushi.  We even stopped over at the monstrous Mall of America and screamed on a couple of the in-house roller coasters.

Our bellies full, our eyelids heavy, we opted to drive the whole 18 hours in one go.  Back through the lake dotted scenery of Minnesota, back through the endless sunflowers of North Dakota, the oil fields of Eastern Montana, and then – at last – home to the mountains.


One of the many interesting sculptures dotting the Dakota landscape.

The drive along the North Shore is full of magical stops where one can take in the majesty of Lake Superior.

The handsomest man at the party.


A stroll through the sculpture garden at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

Crepuscular rays over I-94 in North Dakota.

A beautiful girl in a red dress at a Great Lake.


2 thoughts on “A Minnesotan Adventure: Cheese Curds and One Great Big Lake

  1. I heard you played a rousing game of Dixit with my family, it sounds like you had a great visit to my lovely home state, sorry I missed meeting you yet again!

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