A Vacation from the Vacation

We have been traveling for almost two straight years, and while it has been everything we could want for our life, it has been a little exhausting at times. These past several weeks, we got the chance to take a break from moving around, and house sit for Kevin’s sister. Having our own place that wasn’t a room in a guest house, dorm in Antarctica, airport floor, or air mattress at a friend’s house was an indescribably wonderful luxury. Our mornings would begin early with birding and bike rides, then we would wait out the hottest part of the day inside, painting and cooking absurdly delicious meals. During the evenings, we would play frisbee and drink fresh beer from growlers before eating dinner outside by candlelight. It was heavenly.

The days passed quickly, and now again we are off. Next up, Costa Rica.


A new growler from Great Divide and some grilled pizza with salmon made for a lovely evening.

Susie looks out over the homestead in the evening light.

Making everything from scratch is such a delight after spending the last two years on the move. I’ve been making all our own salad dressings, and Kevin even made a BBQ sauce.

After several days of rain following a very long dry spell, the garden gave a growth spurt of delight.

Kevin and Susie sharing the couch.


The paradise of the backyard, watched over by the ever vigilant Susie.

A robin enjoys a snack at a wetlands rehabilitation site.

A Double-Crested Cormorant dries off in the sunshine at Cherry Creek State Park.

Among the weeds, a brilliant American Goldfinch poses for our camera.

A family of Snowy Egrets under the dawn sky.


One thought on “A Vacation from the Vacation

  1. soooo glad you guys had a great home base for so long! it looks lovely, and i’m incredibly jealous of your delicious foodstuffs already…if you feel like posting some of your recipes, i’m all ears… 🙂

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