Welcome to Kathmandu


We are still trekking in the Khumbu, but in the meantime here are some photos from our travels to Kathmandu.  We had a long, three-day, five-flight journey, including 24 hours in Bangkok, a night’s sleep in the Delhi airport, and a near miss of being deported from India because of bureaucratic disorganization.  We finally made it to Kathmandu and enjoyed the aesthetics of the streets and the delicious local cuisine for a day before setting off to Everest Base Camp.  We’ll be back next week with stories and photos from our trek!


The resident kitty of the Atlanta Hotel, our sleaze-free hotel in Bangkok.

Prayer flags glimmering in the Kathmandu sun.

Momos - delicious little dumplings with a curry dipping sauce.

A roadside restaurant.

A fifth story chicken watches the chaos below.


A beautiful wall off of Sukumvit, Bangkok.

A street in Thamel, Kathmandu's backpacker ghetto.

Kathmandu - cool clothes, beautiful walls, and fast motorbikes.

Welcome to the year 2848.

The sunset sky from our guesthouse balcony.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Kathmandu

  1. I’ve been watching the calendar and the clock, knowing you are 12 hours ahead, and knowing your post would show up right about now! What a thrill to get news, even if it is retroactive and I have no idea how you are doing right now. I found a live webcam near Everest Base Camp and I’m watching closely 🙂 So cool to see Kathmandu through your eyes – so familiar.

  2. We’re figuring you’re just about (if not already) at EBC. The view from the Nepal Climate Observatory shows lots of clear skies. Ah, so that’s what the mountains look like! We were mostly only able to see misty glimpses of the peaks–I’m glad you are getting to take in the magnificent view. Can’t wait to hear all about the trek. No doubt you have gathered many stories along the way. Stay safe and warm.

    Oh, and was it a friendly kitty? 🙂

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