Dry Valleys, Part 2

Mid-week bonus post! Here are some more photos from our trip to the Dry Valleys, plus a video shot by Elizabeth.


The glowing turquoise ice of Lake Hoare.

The Canada Glacier stretching to Lake Hoare. Click to enlarge.

The edge of Lake Hoare.

Kevin making his way up Andrews Ridge.

Kevin dancing on a ventifact.

The glassy ice of Mummy Pond

Walking through The Defile next to the smooth grooved wall of glacier.

The top of the Suess Glacier glowing in the sunshine.

The other side of the Suess Glacier which reminded me of the Badlands in South Dakota.

On the helicopter ride back, zooming through a low strip of clouds and the channel cleared out by the icebreaker.


The Taylor Valley, Canada Glacier, and the Asgard Range. Click to enlarge.

A helo lifting off from Lake Hoare.

Suess Glacier from a narrow gap The Defile, the area between the terminus of the glacier, and the slopes of an adjacent ridge..

Frolicking above the Asgard Range.

A mummified seal trapped in the ice of Lake Chad.

1882 Peak glowering amongst the mist.

Fresh ice along the edge of Lake Hoare.

Elizabeth walking through The Defile.

The Suess Glacier reflecting off of a melt pool.

A frozen stream down the side of the Canada Glacier.


Lake Hoare from Elizabeth Endicott on Vimeo.


3 thoughts on “Dry Valleys, Part 2

  1. these photos are so, so pretty (esp. that last shot of yours, liz…holycow!)…and you’re right, the colours there are way more intense – especially those orangey-browns. what a magical place!

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