Boats and Birds

This week it’s just photos because we’re busy packing for an absurdly exciting trip.  The McMurdo Dry Valleys are one of the most unique environments on this planet, and a trip to experience them firsthand is one of the most coveted within our little society down here.  There was a drawing among the second year janitors to see who would get to go spend two days and a night cleaning at Lake Hoare, and somehow it was the two of us.  Date night: Dry Valleys, here we come!  We leave tomorrow morning on a helicopter and will be back soon with lots of pictures.


The Icebreaker, a cause of anxiety for many during the beginning of the season, is here!

The aftermath of the crud (the sickness caused by getting too run down here). I was using the little cup for both dayquil and nyquil.

Big John Crack was once just a sliver through the ice, now it is a gaping swath of ocean.

Some of my favorite colors hanging out in the cargo yard.

Enjoying the annual Antarctic beer-on-the-beach, which was just as bizarre this time as last. (Thanks for the delicious beer, Sandi!)


Clouds rolling over Fortress Rocks.

The Maersk Peary - our resupply tanker. Several million gallons of custom blended fuel.

Life growing, but only briefly, at the bottom of a dried up melt pool.

Skuas in flight off of the south shores of Ross Island.

The always beautiful sky over Antarctica.


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