2011 In Photos

E - We were in New Zealand on three separate occasions in one year. This country has become very special to us as it is such a delightful buffer between the harshest continent and "real life."

K - I've always loved to cook, but being unable to cook for myself for more than half the year has made me appreciate it even more.

E - Coming face to face with elephants for the first time was one of many peak life experiences that happened while we were in South East Asia.

K - In Brooklyn with a new camera.

E - Our year consisted of six months of cafeteria food, and six months of the most incredible homemade delicacies. This green chili made by Kev was one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten.

K - Returning to the rain and the forest in the Northwest.

E - A very special picnic in Colorado.

K - Montana sunset.

E - We hiked up to a fire lookout in the Bitterroots where we spent the night.

K - Liz and her mom while picking huckleberries in the Bitterroots.

E - Kevin on top of Castle Rock (and above the clouds!) on New Year's Day.


One thought on “2011 In Photos

  1. what a great way of remembering the year! i love how photographs help us remember specific times, and usually when i scroll through mine i find parts of my year i’d forgotten existed…so exciting to reflect on what was memorable for the past year. 🙂

    happy new year you guys!!

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