Pee Bottles and Ice Fish: A Quiet Week in McMurdo

Date night in McMurdo = a bottle of Scrumpy, some seals, and a bit of frolicking.

This week things have been quiet, as we’ve been enjoying each other’s company after 10 days spent 900 miles apart, and station starts ramping up for the holidays which consist of two out of the three two-day weekends we get during the season.  The holidays also signify the beginning of the end.  After the New Year, science begins to taper off and the focus shifts to closing down for the winter.  Four months down, two to go.


One of my favorite Antarctic things: The Pee Bottle. Used as a portable toilet, a concept I may or may not introduce to the real world.

Hiking Ob Hill Loop with Kevin, James, and Gabe.

We've been doing a lot of painting in our free time.

During mud season, the puddles freeze at night making beautiful patterns of ice.

Ouchies take a much longer time to heal down here, so I like to at least make the situation cute.


James walking to Castle Rock for a climb.

A fishy little friend in the Observation Tube.

Ice on the side of a survival shelter outside of town.

Sometimes everybody needs to bury their head in the... snow.

A low Sun shines on a beautiful girl.

One troubling bit of news is that a Russian fishing boat sent a distress call several days ago, activating an emergency response here in McMurdo. Best of luck to crew members and their rescuers.


3 thoughts on “Pee Bottles and Ice Fish: A Quiet Week in McMurdo

  1. That seal pic is really funny! And I love the bandaid 🙂 Your postings always make me smile and I have to keep revisiting all the delightful pics!

  2. those paintings look beautiful…hope you will be maybe selling some once you’re back to normal-postal-service again? 🙂

    i love the idea of the pee bottle! but only if it has a wide enough mouth (yucky, but that’s the right word for it) to work for the ladies as well as the gents. i have a theory that this is why women were not the most adventurous travelers in years past…haha!

    ❤ band-aid friends!! i'm totally doing that the next time i get sliced at work… 🙂

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