Less Talk, More Balk.

Hello friendies. We’re taking a break from talking this week, but we will be back next week with a look into more of the work-related aspects of our time here in Antarctica. In the meantime, enjoy a few extra photos.


Kev contemplating the glorious Antarctic horizon.

Bursts of color in the carp shop's mop sink.

HoCal basking in the sun. Our window is the one on the left.

Lately, the sun has been hovering just above the horizon for several hours, casting magic golden light into our room.

The frost on our window glowing in the sunset.

Ivan the Terra Bus zooms along the road to the ice runway in front of Mount Discovery.

The two of us out for an evening stroll.


Our House.

Stacks on deck.

Weird snow on a milvan that probably contains weird things.

South slopes of Ob Hill.

Coming home.

The strange shapes of winter-fallen snow.

Chillin' so hard.


3 thoughts on “Less Talk, More Balk.

  1. Delightful pictures! You notice so many marvelous things. I am completely enthralled even though I am here with you. Love the yellow light with Ivan, the paint splatters, and the adorable pic of you two 🙂

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