Once upon a time a boy named Kevin and a girl named Elizabeth met in Antarctica. They fell in love, and began to travel the whole wide world together. After a while, they decided that they needed to create a way to both journal their experiences, as well as share them with the world.

This is our story.

Tomorrow we begin our journey back to Antarctica. A little more than a year ago we first set foot on the Ice. We had both separately decided to change our lives by accepting 6 month contracts as janitors at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. There we met, became friends, and eventually fell in love. After our contract, we traveled together through New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia before returning back to the United States.

Back in the States we parted ways temporarily while visiting our respective friends and families. At points our paths would intersect, and then pull apart again after a few weeks. Eventually, we found ourselves together again, enjoying our last few weeks in comfortable and hospitable latitudes.

Tomorrow we fly to Denver, where we begin a two-day orientation process to get us prepped and ready for this upcoming season on the Ice. After that, we make our way through Los Angeles and Auckland on our way to Christchurch. We have another two days there to collect our gear, then we board an US Air Force C-17 that will take us to what will, once again, become our home for the next 6 months.

Now, the night before our next adventure begins, our minds fill with the things we feel slipping through our grasp. Before our first season, Antarctica was barely more than a preconception. A concept that still felt incessantly out of reach. A destination forever on the horizon. With one season on the Ice under our belts, we now have a better idea of what awaits us beneath 60° South, the Antarctic Circle. We know what we will miss about home, about lands humans were made to populate. The warmth, the plants, the animals, the taste of fresh foods, our friends and families. But, we also know what we have been missing since we left. Our hearts yearn for the overwhelming desolation. The endless beauty that stretches seemingly forever, comprised of nothing but blue sky, and white earth. The feeling of being back at an outpost at one of the farthest reaches of humanity, with the occasional feeling that there is nothing else besides you, the sky, and the shifting ice. New adventures await. Reunions with old friends await. Antarctica, the mysterious giant that looms across the Southern horizon, awaits.

Here are some of our respective highlights from our adventures off of the Ice during the last six months:


A Found Feather at Wharariki Beach, New Zealand

A Silhouette During the Full Moon Festivities in Hoi An, Vietnam

A Lion Roars in Singapore

Atlantic Sunrise with Best Friends

Kevin in Montana


NYC Subway

A Boy and his Dog

Seattle Summertime

Elizabeth in Seattle

Colorado Flowers and Peaks


3 thoughts on “Hello

  1. So happy you are doing this; what a wonderful way to journal for those that can never go where you are able. Thank you both. I look forward to new posts as they come along.

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